6 Tips for writing best title that rise curiosity to click on your blog

Writing best catchy title for your own article that can rise curiosity in the visitors to click it when they see it in search engine ranking is perhaps most challenging job for all the content writers. But you can't escape this job because the title of any post decides the fate of it whether it has the capacity to rise curiosity in the search engine visitors to compel them to click on your article or not. In this article you will learn few simple and interesting tips that will help you to create the best curious titles for your blog.

Why title is so important?

Title is no doubt the first thing that becomes visible to any one whether they find your site through search engine results or being directly referred by someone to certain page of your site. So, it is the title which should be simple to help understanding what the whole post is about and must have the ability to develop curiosity among their visitors to proceed further to click to visit the article or read the whole post once they are on that page. This means that your title should have glue that can help it stick to the visitor's eye once they see it and must shake their instinct to click it to go through it.

How people choose titles to click it from search engine results and other sources.

People always follow their instinct for choosing which title among all others would they like to click when have lots other present there. This is purely human and does not depend on any algorithm. It is very much possible that your article is at #1 position but due to non catchy article the article at #2 position has got the advantage of being clicked.

So, people use to following instinct before clicking

1. Whether the title explains all what they are searching for?

2. The snippet below explains all in summary or not.

3. How much they are going to get learn from this article?

4. Do the other article below or above this one in the search result explains the same in much better way?

5. Is the title catchy but complex or simple?

6. Whether your article title is about tips for solving problems or it reflects mere explanation of the problems?

7. How many tips you are providing in comparison to your competitor site?

8. Whether tips are in moderate count or huge in numbers which makes reading all a boring experience?

Thus you can never predict that despite of your top ranking the visitors are surely going to get click on your title to visit your Livejasmin article. So, the only way is to keep on experimentation with the titles in your own niche till you acquire the knowledge of revealing the secrets of curious title writing.

6 tips for writing curious titles for your article.

1. Promise some good offer through your title -People are always curious about any good offer. Thing about the offers in your niche that you can offer to your visitors. It is never meant that the offers are related to money but you can offer tips, e-books or other things related to your niche.

2. Mention the numbers to help them count the offers by you - Numbers always plays differently in human mind. People always love to count how much they have or how much they are getting. So titles like "10 tips for developing successful career” perform better in comparison of "How to develop successful career? "

3. Try to keep the offer to a limit - Too much offer again plays differently by striking human mind about the quality or how much genuine your offer is. Even too many tips like 20 to 40 tips on a single topic may strike a few visitor but often people tends to avoid it as reading that much tips would often yield boring experience to its readers.

4. Try to say something new or extra - It sounds monotonous to have same title throughout the web used by millions of other websites for something. Its better to either to say something new or something extra. If you have nothing new to say then try to present the same thing in a bit different way in your own style. The whole world invites the differences. This will help your article title to stand out of the crowd of millions of other websites.

5. Use words or phrases that attracts reader's attention - There are words or phrases used tactfully by successful content writers at several occasions that has the full potential of grabbing attention of the readers. So, increase your vocabulary or word stock.

6. Keep the primary keyword at the beginning of the title - Keeping keywords at the begining though doesn't have direct relation with human instinct but it can help you in search ranking and also gets more visibility to the readers who mostly use keywords to search a content.

The above mentioned way can help you to get an idea to create the best niches that can arouse curiosity in readers to click on your article. Apart from this you should always keep in your mind that you should have done your home-work about keyword research for using that in your title. Always try to select the keywords having less competition o perform better.

SEO mistake - Meta title tag change hurts Google ranking

Meta title tag is very important tag for any blog post and serves as the gateway of the post. Changing meta title tag not only confuses your readers but can also hurt your existing Google ranking. In my previous post I have written about how permalink change can hurt your jasminlive blog credibility.

Common SEO mistake

One of the very common mistake that most of the non SEO experts do when we are trying to achieve better SEO for our blogs is changing blog titles for ranking higher in search engine. But it should be avoided as changing titles or permalinks etc. always hurts Google ranking. The reason being very obvious. If Google has already ranked a page, then it is due to consideration of certain on-page SEO factors. Whenever any changes made in any of these SEO factors, then the value of these factors lost their importance, hence Google and other search engines usually takes time to provide re-importance to the same page based on the newly changed factors.

You may have noticed that Google or any other search engine provides most importance to the title of any post while positioning them in the search engine ranking. That is why the most relevant title are placed towards the beginning of the search results. Once the title being changed, then Google algorithm has to re-index your post because the post or page title no more bear the same importance as previous, it may either be increased or decreased.

Google penalty.

It may appear to you that you have done better SEO for title than before and your page rank and other Google ranking factors should gets increased, but the results would not be up to your expectation. Instead it goes down for few days/months or ever. This is because it appears suspicious to Google, whenever you are trying to change something on-page that Google has already read or indexed. This is not to demoralize you but to prevent spammers to do spam activities by manipulating the Google algorithm.

So, if you have already decided to change title after publishing a blog post, then you have to be ready for facing the consequences.

Alternative way of achieving better on-page SEO without changing title.

It is better approach to do on page SEO by playing with keywords placement, using anchor keywords,keyword density etc. within the body without changing permalink, title etc. to avoid Google de- ranking.

Get high authority rank with internal linking or internal backlinks

Page rank and back links are interrelated. Perhaps you are doing the most to acquire back links from all possible sources that you can. This makes a perfect sense to do this because these back links will help your pages to get Google page rank. So, why don't you start from where it is most easy source of getting back links to increase your Google page rank.Yes its your own site and internal linking will serve the purpose.

What is internal linking or internal back links?

The internal links are the back links that leads to another relevant page within the same blog or website. This is very much similar to incoming links pointing towards any relevant page on your site from other www.chaturbaterooms.com websites/ blogs. This internal linking is the most authenticate way of casting a vote from the linking page towards linked page within the same website.

How internal linking helps getting Google page rank?

Internal links using anchor text being similar to back links, it helps search engines to very important details about the pages linked to.

1. It let Google search engine know about the keyword or phrase for which the linked page would appear most relevant to serve in the search results. Thus search engines are getting more information regarding the relevancy of the page and helps them positioning the page in Google search result.

2. The internal links also helps Google bots to know about the recently published relevant information about certain keyword or phrase without waiting long in the queue for crawling.

3. If the internal linking are done from already indexed or ranked relevant page, then that internal back link would be of more importance in the eyes of Google search engines to authenticate the newly linked page as already authenticated page is casting vote for this page. The higher the PR of the linking page would be, the higher would be the chances of getting higher search ranking and PR or page rank for the linked page.

Internal linking is more important than external back links. Why?

Internal linking is one of the most popular SEO tool of webmasters. Incoming back links from external sites which points mostly towards your home page putting your home page to the higher priority in the eyes of search engines. Thus it is your home page that achieve higher page rank in your site leaving other pages to low priority with almost zero or 1 page rank. But with internal linking you yourself can set back links to the relevant internal pages of your site, helping Google search engines to know about these Jasmine live internal pages without waiting in queue for their crawling.

With the help of internal linking you can link any page with the relevant anchor text from another page. Thus setting back links to most of your site's internal pages, help them getting page rank and positioning them in search results. Remember: It is a bad idea to set lots of internal linking from a single page, as this will dilute the links and helps nothing for doing internal linking. Thus internal linking or internal back links will help the internal pages of a site to get indexed soon, as well as getting page rank and higher search ranking.

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